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Routes.Italy ed.X 2018

This is the trace from our 2018 tour at Dolomites Area (Nord East Italian Alps)
The area visited were around the Dolomitic World Heritage sites. All wonderful places with routes at heights from 600 to 2300 m
Temperatures on these places were from 18 C to 25 C on our dates.

This is a briefing of Aprilia Caponord International Meeting while remembering with pleasure the possibility we have with all of our bikers friends on this area

Selected hotel is the Bella Vista Park Hotel at Calalzo di Cadore

Services (on an all inclusive services) are at: 80 € at nigth for every friend on double room
Its includes: breakfast - picnic bag - dinner - swiming pool ad spa uses - motorbikes protected parking
Every registered friend will receive and email with instructions to pay for all services though Paypal, Money Transfers or Bank Transfer. The hotel is now available also to receive new events like this and you could also to contact us if your are liking to enjoy same places with your moto-club or bikers friends.

All the itineraries includes a beautiful mix of alternatives through panoramic roads and sights and some panoramic off road alternatives to be added every day. The medium distance reached for every day on program was about 300 km with near 6 hours on the road (so also at "turistic" speeds enabling to really enjoy these places)

Now you could see a Pics Gallery from our experience from HERE

To Support the event we made agreements with local producers and gadgets designers to arrange the elements to be given to the participants.

On every ACIM event we have no fees to access and gadgets are delivered as prizes. The elements always are at reduced group costs (produced on great quantities to all of the registered participants)

for every doubt, registration of further inquiries, please send email to: apriliacaponordim @ gmail . com

Further Details
1) The event has no organisation cost (is free)
2) Is possible to participate with every kind of motorcycle
3) Take on mind to make regular maintenance and to be ok with European and National driving rules
4) No technical support is part of the organization so please make all service and maintenance required from your motorbike before starting trip
5) Only added cost will be the reservation for gadgets (Local gadgets + T.Shirt + Stickers) that will be cost no more than 25 €uros all inclusive (exact cost depends on quantity of confirmations and exact models to be delivered)
6) All itineraries will be part of state roads and on open traffic conditions so every participant accept to ride under sharing-group conditions and a safe way for itself and rest of friends being part to the event

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